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Vocational school in Suhl | rebuilding, refurbishment

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The former edificial vocational school was supposed to be modified implicating the vacant production halls. The intention was to create cabinets for natural sciences in the former hall and the rehabilitation and redesign of classrooms in the two-story building part.

The old building was gut down to the load-bearing construction and few room dividing walls. In the first floor there are the chemistry cabinet and the physics cabinet with according preparation rooms, a further classroom and the staff room as well as restrooms.

A generous foyer design allows the use as recreation room. Due to fire protection reasons the exposure to light was realized with roof light cupolas because of the nearness to the neighborhood. In the upper level specialized training rooms were created for the vocational training as gastronomy professional. There participants can actively improve skills at the reception desk, in the hotel room and in the laundry-section.

The stairway was separated in both levels with fire-resistant aluminum-glas-constructions.

The building envelope was energetically optimized through the installation of new windows and the insulation with an external thermal insulation composite system. According to its function design and coloring of the building are kept youthfully. To cover the demand of parking spaces a fallow area in direct vicinity was redesigned as parking site.