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retirement home in Bad Salzungen | rebuilding, refurbishment

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The building at Werner-Lamberz-Str. 16 was erected as building for elder people using "Plattenbau"-architecture. Besides the apartments (predominantly studio apartments) in the upper levels there is a meeting place, a polyvalent room and store rooms integrated.

The building has no basement. There are two wheelchair accessible apartments in each level. Other apartments were enlarged or received improved usability by floor plan changes.

Already existing balconies were widened up to 1.50m. Apartments without balcony received one additionally. The redesign of the main entrance and the reconstruction of the elevator allow a barrier-free usage. Giving the task to redevelop and energetically improve the building envelope, the client also demanded to design the building entrance in a friendly and handicapped accessible way, so that residents as well as guests would have a nice meeting place.

Load-bearing walls were replaced with a steel frame construction in the process of creating an abidance zone nearby the main entrance. The opening of the cladding in this area supports a visual connection with the close situated redesigned outdoor plant.

The direct vicinity of the house was totally redesigned, while vastly keeping the tree population. The construction of a new barrier-free road system with affiliated activity and rest areas suits the residents expectations. In order to support the identification of the inhabitants with “their house“, local characteristic and available materials were used for the open area design.